COS D’ESTOURNE winery, France: Médoc

My philosophy is to seek excellence in creating exceptional places and service-driven hospitality experiences for a circle of initiates who, in addition to certain values, share a special vision of life and luxury. Luxury that isn’t afraid of simplicity. Luxury that embraces authenticity. Rethinking luxury. – Michel Reybier, owner


download the pdf: COS D’ESTOURNE

Retail + Wine


“New [technology] tools … are transforming the way consumers want to shop, ” says Anne Zybowski, vice president of retail insights at Kantar Retail.

** 15 most important questions, what a winery needs to look at before approaching a distributor **

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How to import wine to China?

Basic facts:

* world’s largest market for red wine
* world’s second largest wine market
* population is over 1.355 billion
* imported 553,573,891 liters of wine in 2015
* import increased by 44.2% compared to 2014
* import value reached US$2,031,670,743